Trade & retail experiences

Immerse your customers in visually rich and enticing touchscreen experiences that inspire, inform and excite with every touch.


Give your customers unique experiences that they can tailor based on their interests, industry or challenges. Using interactive 3D models, configurators, high-resolution imagery and video, they can get a high-level overview or deep dive into detailed content.

Give them an experience that has everything they need to bring your brand and message to life for them.


We’re here to help you realise your vision and make it a reality.


We live and breathe interactive storytelling, exciting your customers with vibrant, memorable content and visual stories using innovative touchscreen experiences.

We’ll work with you on your initial idea, inspiring you in the art of the possible. From creative and user experience design to technical development. Choosing the right hardware, managing the installation, maintaining your experience, and feeding back rich data and analytics to measure your ROI.


We’ll guide and support you throughout the entire journey, from idea to amazing reality.

group of people smiling and interacting with ebbsfleet touchscreen display on white table in office
Ebbsfleet Development Corporation. Touchscreen experiences for community engagement
This was a complex project and POP were able to cut through a mountain of red tape with external companies to deliver. They delivered on time and on budget. Quite simply, they deliver and they deliver better than anyone else in their field.
Mark Templeton, Head of Communications and Engagement, Ebbsfleet Development Corporation
You have produced a beautifully clear, high-quality touchscreen experience that truly represents The Royal Mint, our people and heritage and gives our audience a real insight into the exceptional craftsmanship, quality and finish of our coins.
Paul Binning , Head of Marketing, Circulating Coin, The Royal Mint