Features & Benefits

POP is a digital experience platform built for you and your customers


There’s a real team of sales, marketing, strategy, creative and technology experts behind POP who have spent twenty years working with enterprise sales and marketing teams.


We’ve built POP for you knowing what you and your customers struggle with every day.

Unleash the WOW!

Guide your customers through your universe or let them explore it for themselves through our immersive and intuitive platform.

Make sure that your presentations are as innovative and captivating as your company and products.

The POP platform turns buying into an experience, by simplifying the complex and making it easy for your customers to see what makes you different and how you fit into their world.

And once they start their journey? They won’t want to stop.

Central control is the key

A central Experience Management System (EMS) gives you total control of all content, messaging and branding in every experience, creating a single source of truth across your entire business.

Ensure all your digital sales experiences are consistent, updated in real-time, and ready to rock your customers.

Make global changes instantly and keep your sales teams bang up-to-date. Wherever they are, online or offline.

black tablet displaying Coloplast digital touchscreen sales enablement tool SpeediCath Flex

Don’t be generic

You can’t personalise a PDF mid-meeting? The CEO, CFO or Head of Production need different information? Forget static sales material; let your sales team personalise the experience, for each of them, in real-time.

Configure products and solutions in the moment with customers, and use interactive visuals to make complex ideas simple and memorable.

Let your competitors be generic, not you.

Customer self-serve

“70% of B2B buyers would prefer self-serve.” (McKinsey 2021)

Create digital sales experiences exclusively for customers and channel partners to explore and self-serve; configuring products, and content for instant download, putting them in control.

It can be a rep-free sales tool, empowering customers to look further and dig deeper into your world, in their own time.

Wienerberger interactive touchscreen sales enablement app displayed on white iPad

Ace the follow-up

Customers don’t want to wait days for tailored information to make a purchasing decision. So, don’t wait until you’re back in the office to send it.

Share tailored information in real-time, during the meeting, to speed up the sales cycle and help them make faster, more informed buying decisions.

Do you think they’ll be leafing through your competitor’s PDFs instead? No, neither do we.

“91% B2B buyers want personalised, interactive visual content when making decisions.” Forrester

No more post-meeting blues

Updating your CRM post meeting used to be a drag, sod that for a game of soldiers.

POP connnects with your CRM, automatically pushing and pulling information in real-time so you don’t have to.

That product you configured in the meeting with the customer and technical information you shared? A record has already been saved to your CRM.

Black tablet displaying Syntegon interactive touchscreen digital presentation

Access all areas

Your sales team has full access to all your information, all the time, whether they’re online or offline. The powerful experience management system is a single source of truth no matter where they are.

They’ll always face your customers with up-to-date information, the EMS automatically pushing experience and document updates instantly to every experience.

Anytime, anywhere

WOW! your customers wherever you meet them. Whether remote, in-person, online, at tradeshows or a customer innovation centre, your experience remains the same.

Best on a big touchscreen or interactive video wall, available on mobile, and all devices in between. Your interactive sales experience works wherever and however you do. Always ready and always up-to-date.

Black iPad displaying GCP interactive touchscreen sales enablement tool showing illustration of building materials Site Evaluation Risk Assessment

Insights not guesswork

What’s marketing without ROI? Every customer interaction or datasheet downloaded is automatically tracked. You’ll no longer just rely on feedback from sales.

You’ll know exactly what resonates with your customers, what they’re downloading, the analytics gives you  invaluable data to plan and serve them better.

Empower your channel partners

Create multiple sales experiences tailored to your partners’ needs.

Resellers, distributors, customers and partners can all benefit from their own personalised experience, whilst you benefit from centralised control, and analytics so you know exactly how they are using the tool and consuming your content.

Be unstoppable with POP, and empower your teams, customers and partners. 

Consistently WOW! with the best digital sales experience platform you’re going to find.