Ebbsfleet. Community engagement with touchscreens

Engaging and inspiring 

The Ebbsfleet Garden City development in Kent is a hugely ambitious project that will comprise 15,000 new homes, 30,000 jobs and 45,000m2 of commercial real estate.

Stakeholder engagement and community consultation is at the heart of huge schemes like Ebbsfleet. Local people, businesses and investors have to be able to visualise and contextualise all the proposals if they are to fully understand them.

So, as part of its community consultation programme, Ebbsfleet’s Development Corporation approached POP to build a marketing suite complete with a showpiece interactive touchscreen experience.

This was a complex project and POP were able to cut through a mountain of red tape with external companies to deliver. They delivered on time and on budget. Quite simply, they deliver and they deliver better than anyone else in their field.
Mark Templeton, Head of Communications and Engagement, Ebbsfleet Development Corporation
two men interacting with Ebbsfleet Garden City touchscreen presentation interactive map on large white monitor

Using touchscreens to bring the area to life for the public

Built by POP in Ebbsfleet International train station the marketing suite acted as a hub for the public and businesses to explore the area.

The central feature was a 65” 4K touch table that lets visitors explore the whole garden city, from new housing developments, schools, parkland, transport links and commercial space.

By using 3D video flythroughs, aerial footage, video interviews with local residents and intuitive touch interactions people had an immersive experience that went a long way in creating real excitement about the project.

We also took the experience to the nearby Blue Water shopping centre where we ran an interactive competition asking people to vote on proposals for a public green space.

People loved exploring the various entries and were excited to contribute to the planning of this major development. Yet another example of how our compelling interactives can connect developers with their stakeholders.